Welcome to the APS UTSC Webpage!

We host events and provide services to improve the university experience of philosophy students as well as any other students interested in philosophy.

The Association of Philosophy Students is a student-organized association partnered with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Our primary purpose is to advocate for and on behalf of all students enrolled in degree programs in Philosophy on any, and all matters pertaining to the quality of the academic experience they receive at the University of Toronto Scarborough. We’re also here to ensure that you get the most out of your philosophical experience at UTSC.

Generally, we aim to:

  1. Foster and encourage interest in philosophy at the UTSC campus;
  2. Provide opportunities for members to connect with others currently studying philosophy; we also strive to provide opportunities for students not enrolled in a degree program in philosophy to experience philosophy and to express their interest in philosophical topics and issues;
  3. Assist members in the development of basic critical reasoning techniques and methods of analysis in philosophy by means of open philosophical discussions and debates;
  4. Provide an outlet for open discussion on a wide range of topics in philosophy at organized events, including but not limited to: free discussion pub nights, formal debate scenarios, guest lectures, and cross-campus debates;
  5. Work with the Department of Philosophy at UTSC to develop and deliver academic services designed to maximally benefit the student body, including but not limited to: tutorial sessions, essay clinics, and academic workshops.

We are here for you, but also because of you. If you are a student enrolled in a degree program in philosophy, or if you are interested in philosophy, please ask us about our services or check out our upcoming events and drop by.

For questions please email us at aps.utoronto@hotmail.com! 

Socrates Project – Public Philosophy Survey


The Socrates Project students are planning a public philosophy project for the upcoming semester which aims to create spaces – virtually or in-person – for UTSC undergraduate students to informally discuss various topics in Philosophy, and they would like to hear from you!

Choose the topics that sound most interesting to you, and the platform on which you would like to discuss them, and be involved and engaged in the UTSC Philosophy community!